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Aug 19, 2013

Seven Things I Like About Statamic


Statamic is a dynamic flat-file content management system. Here are seven things I like about it.

Statamic is fast and easy to to install

Install Statamic by uploading its files to your web host via FTP or deploying them via version control (e.g. Git).

It’s even faster and easier to update

Update Statamic by replacing two folders

Database not required

  • One less thing to manage and backup.
  • Your content lives in flat files and not in a database.
  • Statamic’s settings also live in a flat file instead of a database.
  • Because of the above, you can version control your content and Statamic itself.

Control panel optional

  • Publish content via a user-friendly and mobile-ready control panel.
  • Or, make your favourite text editor your web publishing app. Write your content in Markdown and publish it to your Statamic-powered website.

Control your markup

  • You have full control over your markup
  • Statamic doesn’t generate any (unwanted) HTML elements or CSS styles for you.

Multiple environments

Development, staging, production? Easily set up multiple environments.

Technical support

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